Delight. What is that?

13 Feb

A thought that I had lost my ability to get excited about things harassed me for some time, and no matter whether those are small or big things, items, events or new experience. It made me really upset.
Recently I came across this quote: “Enthusiasm is everything! Give to people all of earthly goods, but take away their ability to feel the excitement, and you curse them to eternal death”. Sounds scary, but I completely agree. Only one can be truly happy and feel the joy that retains the ability to get excited of the things that everyday life provides us with. I have always been kind of envious of the people, who are enthusiastic and able to admire. I want to get back my ability to admire!
Last week I was on a small two-day trip to Rome to meet my fiancé. I have always enjoyed visiting new places. I could wander through the streets of Rome for hours and for days. Every time, when I saw a new building, that appeared around the corner and it’s pillars were glowing in the sun light, it took my breath away. Isn’t that great? And, hey!? I was excited and delight 🙂 That was a great feeling. All the even more incredible made the fact, that I had a person next to me with whom to share this excitement. However, you must be able to admire things being alone and at the same time not feeling lonely, because those are the moments that promote creativity in us.
I am convinced that the excitement causes physical changes in the human’s mind and body, making healthier and providing with energy. And I believe, that the ability to transfer excitement to others and thus gives them the enthusiasm to move forward and become more active, is a real god’s gift. Would not it be wonderful with his enthusiasm and energy captivate the others and create a delight addiction…


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