Trip to Lithuania

16 Aug

I would like to share my impressions of a trip to Lithuania, located on the cost of Baltic sea. Although Lithuania is right next to my fatherland, I have never visited it’s capital before. Weird, right?

As my fiancé was on vacation, we decided to spend a nice time together and go on a road trip somewhere close. Why not Lithuania? Our main goal was to explore the capital city Vilnius. As the weather was great, and since we knew that Lithuanian beaches are very nice there we decided to spend some time on a beach as well.

Sometimes you don’t need to go very far to find a beautiful place. It could be just around the corner (or in our case just around the closest border). It is about spending a good time together with person or people you love and discovering new interesting places.

These are the things we saw and the things we did:

On the way we stopped by at The Hill of Crosses



Walked above the water in Palanga


Enjoyed the water

photo 1 (8)

Walked across Cathedral Square in Vilnius and saw the most important Catholic building in Lithuania – Cathedral-Basilica of St.Stanislaus &St.Ladislaus


Overlooked Vilnius from above



Admired the beauty of the St. Anne’s Church


and St. Catherine’s Church


Visited The Gates of Dawn – the only remaining gate from the city’s original defensive walls


(An image of the Virgin Mary was placed above all gates to protect the city)


We wandered around the neat narrow streets of Old town


Ate a good meal at “Meat Lovers Pub” – place that serves good home-made hamburgers, steaks and soups. I like it for it’s interesting, fun interior and cozy atmosphere



Climbed up the hill to see The Hill of Three Crosses…


took a deep breath and admired view through the trees


Had a nice meal at the best place in town for authentic Mexican food which is also Mexican-owned and calls “Tres Mexicanos”


While sipping some Margaritas listened to the voices of restaurant owner’s singing and guitar play.


I am thankful for the wonderful weather we had, for the great opportunity to see amazing architecture of Vilnius and it’s churches, and spend this trip together with the loved one 🙂

Have a good day!


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