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My favorite quote

26 Sep

For this is what we do. Put one foot forward and then the other. Lift our eyes to the snarl and smile of the world once more. Think. Act. Feel. Add our little consequence to the tides of good and evil that flood and drain the world. Drag our shadowed crosses into the hope of another night. Push our brave hearts into the promise of a new day. With love: the passionate search for a truth other than our own. With longing: the pure, ineffable yearning to be saved. For so long as fate keeps waiting, we live on. God help us. God forgive us. We live on.

(Gregory David Roberts, “Shantaram”)


Book review. Shantaram.

24 Sep

Although Shantaram, novel by Gregory David Roberts, is nothing new, I came across it just a little while ago. I should say it is now one of my all time favorite books.

I laughed and I cried while reading it; and when it was over I thought that a little part of my life has come to end together with it. It might sound too dramatic to somebody,but that is how I felt about it.

Story is about battle between good and bad, past and future, hatred and love.

It shows human struggle with it’s inner demons and hunger to be saved; and helps us realise that every evil can be overcome: „Every human heartbeat is a universe of possibilities. Every human will have the power to transform its fate. The truth is that, no matter what kind of game you find yourself in, no matter how good or bad the luck, you can change your life completely with a single thought or a single act of love.”

No matter what your goal is and no matter what other say, to overcome evil in yourself or others it is not possible to do the wrong thing for the right reason.

To forgive and to accept…Hatred and vengeance destroys… Simplicity and pure heart is everything – that what it’s all about.

Motivational Monday

1 Sep

“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents, and I lay them both at His feet.”


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