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Motivational Monday

1 Sep

“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents, and I lay them both at His feet.”



This is how happiness looks like to me.

6 Jan

I decided to use one of the daily prompts to complete task of the Day4 and show you my happiness:

Happiness to me is being able to come back to your home,
watch the sunset on the same beach every evening together with your family
and hold hands with your loved one…

Using the opportunity provided by today’s task, I want to thank the followers that have joined recently and everyone who read, and “liked” my posts.  I appreciate that.

Feel free to share with me what does happiness look like to you.

Zero To Hero #Day One

3 Jan

When I first started writing my blog, I had a completely different idea of what this blog will be about. When I started posting, it completely changed. This was probably the reason I stopped writing for a long time because I got lost.

Since I have to travel quite often, I knew that one of my topics will be about new countries and cities, which I have visited. Perhaps it will remain one of the main topics of my blog because I want to share my experience with other people and maybe give them ideas of where they would like to go and discover new places for themselves.

I’ve always wanted to write reviews of books I’ve read, but I never tried. This 30-day challenge would be the perfect reason to start doing it and as one of the topics include book reviews.

I am all about self – improvement and becoming a better person, and also I want to learn to write better, so I hope that this ZerotoHero30DayChallenge will be a big encouragement to myself.

I will enjoy sharing my thoughts with other bloggers on topics that are close to me, and try to provide others with enjoyable reading material.

I wish to other bloggers who accepted this challenge to stick to their goals, become better and successful, and to enjoy it!

Escalate your consciousness!

9 Feb

I created a list of qualities, that I admire in others and that I want to develop and train. While those, which I already have, I should not lose. This could also be seen as a kind of mission for the following year for me 🙂
I truly believe, that these personal qualities and capabilities make people’s lives easier and more successful.
I can only wish that everyone would have most of these abilities. And each should be sure of what they are truly thrilled about in life.

Characteristics to develop:

enthusiasm for the mission of my life

belief in one’s actions

its ability to develop

self-confidence and inner peace


communication skills

personal attractiveness

ability to properly treat people

integrity and directness

its goal clarity


ability to admire

pleased to make decisions

positive perception of life

ability not to compare.

Izveidoju sarakstu ar īpašībām, kuras es citos cilvēkos apbrīnoju un kuras vēlos sevī attīstīt un trenēt.  Savukārt tās, kuras man jau piemīt, jācenšas nepazaudēt. Šo varētu arī uzskatīt kā sava veida uzdevumu turpmākajam gadam 🙂 Es ticu, ka šīs personības īpašības un spējas atvieglo dzīvi un padara to veiksmīgāku. Varu tikai novēlēt, lai visiem piemistu lielākā daļa no šīm spējām, un katrs būtu pārliecināts par to, kas viņu dzīvē sajūsmina un valdzina.

Lietas, ko attīstīt sevī:

sajūsma par savu dzīves uzdevumu

ticība savai rīcībai

savu spēju attīstīšana

pašpārliecinātība un iekšējs miers


komunikācijas prasme

personiskā pievilcība

spēja pareizi izturēties pret cilvēkiem

godprātīgums un tiešums

mērķa skaidrība


spēja sajūsmināties

prieks pieņemt lēmumus

pozitīva dzīves uztvere


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