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How I started to workout and how it helped me

27 Aug

First, I need to say that at school Sports was my least favorite class, and it was mandatory for everyone. I wasn’t very good at it. Especially I hated running and Basketball. After I managed to run for few minutes I was completely out of breath. In Basketball I just didn’t understand how to play it. I won’t even talk about exercising at home, that was out of question. Too boring and who has time for that…

Now everything has changed. Although, running still is not my favorite thing to do, but at least I can run for a pretty decent period of time and not be out of breath or dying.

Obviously, you need to start to workout to like it. I never thought that working out could be fun. I also was afraid to go to gym, because I didn’t know what to do there. It was confusing. So many weird machines! And what I’m suppose to do with them? My main reason why I started to work out was, that I wanted to change my body and the way I looked. Now there is couple other reasons why I continue doing it, and that is – for being healthy and because I like it, and it makes me feel better. I always leave gym in a better mood.

Steps I did:

1. I started to watch videos on YouTube how to exercise at home, because I wasn’t ready to go to gym. It looked fun and people seemed really happy. So, I decided to try.

2. I bought a couple of light weight dumbbells, a mat and jumping rope and started to do short exercises at home. I used and ZuzkaLight workouts for my guideline. I got addicted 🙂

3. I became more interested in fitness and started to read books and blogs about workouts, fitness, training, muscles, physiology etc. That helped me to understand what I’m doing correctly and what – wrong.

4. Almost 3 years ago I moved to a different country for a while. There was a small gym in our apartment building, and most of the time it was empty. So, me and my sister-in-law decided to take advantage of it 🙂 After working out in that gym I stopped fearing exercise machines.

5. When I came back to my homeland, I got a gym membership not far from my house, because I couldn’t imagine my life without daily exercise anymore.

Key benefits for me from working out:

Better mood and happiness

More energy

Healthier me

Loss of cravings for sweets

Satisfaction with my appearance



How I started to think healthier

25 Aug

Originally I was to call this post How I started to eat healthier, but then I realized that changing the way you eat for better means changing your mind and the way you think also.

I feel like my blog will transform a bit, and there will be more posts about nutrition, healthier living and sports, because that is what I am actually interested in. I will, of course, still share thoughts on a variety of philosophical topics, because it’s all connected. It’s about body and soul 🙂

So, how I started to eat healthier…It started 3 years ago when I realized that I am not happy about the way I looked and that I want to change it. Also, I started become more curious about food industry and the stuff they put in food, that we buy at grocery stores. It made me realize that I was eating too much unnatural things. Yeah, exactly – things… My boyfriend made it easier to start a new eating habits, because he wanted to eat better to, so we were on the same path and that helped a lot.

Here I will give you a list of things that I did:

1. I never liked water and the way it tastes, but I knew it was good for you. So, I started to drink water. I made it a habit to drink one glass of water with each meal. Now I drink water about 20 min before my meal and 1 hour after.

2. I started to pay attention to labels and ingredient list on the products, when I went shopping for food. I stopped buying food that had ingredients in it I didn’t like or knew it was too bad for you.

3. I stopped eating yoghurt, except plain Greek yoghurt. Now I don’t really have a need for all of those sweet yoghurts that they sell.

4. I stopped buying juice, soda, etc. Now they seem overly sweet for my taste.

5. I excluded sugar and salt as much as I could. At first, everything seemed tasteless, but when you get to used to it, you don’t really need it anymore. There is enough salt and sugar already added to food we buy, so there is no need to add it more.

6. I started to eat less bread. And this was the hardest part for me, because bread is my favorite food on earth. Also it was challenging, because I come from a country where people eat bread almost with every meal, even with potatoes 😀

7. I excluded candy, cookies and other sweets from my diet. And I think that was one of the best decisions.

8. Now I actually treat sweets and desserts as a treat. If I crave something, I allow myself to. I don’t binge on them, but enjoy them. Also I choose to make my own treats or bake my own cookies.

9. I drink less coffee now – one cup in the mornings. This was due to problems with digestion.

10. I replaced vegetable oil with cold pressed olive oil, sesame oil or coconut oil.

11. I stopped using store-bought broth.

12. If I still felt unsatisfied after my meal, I made a cup of green or peppermint tea to calm down my stomach.

13. I started to eat more raw vegetables without any dressings.

Well, after the list of things I wrote down, it seems like a lot to handle, but it is worth it. I know it, because I still do all of this, and don’t feel like I restrict myself.

I hope this will help somebody to bring changes into their lifestyle 🙂

We all deserve to be healthy and feel better!






Zero To Hero #Day One

3 Jan

When I first started writing my blog, I had a completely different idea of what this blog will be about. When I started posting, it completely changed. This was probably the reason I stopped writing for a long time because I got lost.

Since I have to travel quite often, I knew that one of my topics will be about new countries and cities, which I have visited. Perhaps it will remain one of the main topics of my blog because I want to share my experience with other people and maybe give them ideas of where they would like to go and discover new places for themselves.

I’ve always wanted to write reviews of books I’ve read, but I never tried. This 30-day challenge would be the perfect reason to start doing it and as one of the topics include book reviews.

I am all about self – improvement and becoming a better person, and also I want to learn to write better, so I hope that this ZerotoHero30DayChallenge will be a big encouragement to myself.

I will enjoy sharing my thoughts with other bloggers on topics that are close to me, and try to provide others with enjoyable reading material.

I wish to other bloggers who accepted this challenge to stick to their goals, become better and successful, and to enjoy it!

Adjuration to myself for myself

14 Aug

It is pretty difficult to live in harmony with yourself and others, and at the same time to try not to live by other people expectations. Lately, I have to deal with a lot of self-analysis. I will not lie to you – to me, this process is quite distressing. This led me to the idea to write a list of promises to myself, which I very much want to commit. And I hope that I can make it to happen, because I believe that it will make living so much easier. I assume that these 10 pledges, or “commandments” will not be the last ones. There are so many things I want to learn to change my thinking and encourage my progress. Although these 10 pledges are nothing new, but as we know, not so easy to execute. I think it must have come across many of us.
So, here they are:
1. Do not judge!
2. Do not ever think that you are a burden to someone or anyone!
3. Do not think of what other’s might think of your actions or decisions!
4. Do not imagine things that other’s might think of you and do not automatically take it as a truth! Because it could be completely different.
5. Criticize yourself, but never ever punish or belittle yourself!
6. “Pet on your shoulder” every so often!
7. Do not justify yourself!
8. Do not explain yourself, or your actions to people who don’t know you or don’t care about you!
9. Do not feel sorry for not pleasing someone or saying “No”!
10.Do something new every day, even those are small things!

Good luck! 🙂

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